Full Node On Waves Platform Lease Your Waves Get Rewarded


lease your waves.get rewarded.

   WFN is being distributed over 48 WEEKS (from July 2017 to June 2018). Between those dates, you can receive WFN by leasing Waves to the node wavesfullnode.com(address:              3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey ) or simply buying directly from the market using the Waves DEX.
   First distribution: 17/07/2017

   Symbol: WFN
   Token ID: 7yXJqP2zpXTiXuS2o25seUHYxdDnfSPZJ3SEm5DrQ7cx
   Supply: 10,000,000 (ten million tokens)
   Decimals: 8 
   Re-issuable: no

   1-Lessors of wavesfullnode.com: 90% = 9,000,000(nine million tokens)
   2-Marketing, development and infrastructure costs: 5% = 500,000( five hundred thousand tokens)
   3-Kept by founder: 5% = 500,000( five hundred thousand tokens)
   The distribution of WFN will be done every Monday for a total of 187,500 tokens to all the lessors.
   48 weeks x 187,500= 9,000,000 

   Wavesfullnode.com is accepting and will accept multiple fees in different kinds of tokens.
   As we grow with the Waves Platform we will collect more fees in the future.
   Our Node will distribute via AIRDROPS  this fees tokens as a rewards to all the owners of the WFN Token.
   Another thing to consider is that you can trade( buy-sell) the WFN token on the DEX Waves.

   You can find the official WFN token here: