lease your waves.get rewarded.


Full Node On Waves Platform Lease Your Waves Get Rewarded



Wavesfullnode will share a 95% of all the Transactions Rewards with the lenders.

Rewards will be payed in Waves and Miner Reward tokens.

Our Leasing Address is: 3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey

a) As far as I know, leasing WAVES does not mean transferring WAVES. Am I correct? 
Correct, you keep control of your waves.
b) If the answer for the first question is yes, then why there's a fee (in the lite client?) required when leasing WAVES? 
There is tiny fee because leasing is a type of transaction.The fee is just the normal transactional cost
c) While being leased,can not use the leased WAVES? 
Correct, leased waves are not spendable.  
d) Can I cancel the lease at any time? 
You can cancel a leasing transaction as soon as it is in the blockchain. That happens in about a minute most usually.
e) How many time needs my lease to start to generate rewards?
It takes 1000 blocks for it to be fully in effect.
f) When I´ll recieve my rewards?
Payouts will be weekly.Every monday Wavesfullnode will send the rewards to his lenders.
g) Wich rewards I´ll recieve?
WavesfullNode will pay the rewards in WAVES and MINER REWARDS TOKENS.