Our Leasing Address is: 3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey

lease your waves.get rewarded.

Full Node On Waves Platform Lease Your Waves Get Rewarded


WavesfullNode provides a professional, powerfull and secure node hosted in a Datacenter 24/7.

Waves Platform provides Leased Proof of Stake(LPOS), is one of the most important features in the platform, allowing anyone to receive interest on their holdings by leasing their mining power to a full node, while having tokens secured in the personal account all the time. If you are holding Waves tokens, you will be able to lend them and recieve rewards from all the transactions of WavesfullNode.Shared rewards will depend from balances. So above Waves token being the fuel of whole platform with assets and all transactions happening there you will be able to get incentives from the network itself .


1- Download the Waves Lite App on Chrome Web Store.

2- Buy Waves Tokens on the exchanges.

3- Send your Waves Tokens to your wallet.

4- Lease your Waves to WavesfullNode and get rewarded.